Dentists urged to ensure they have the right TV licence

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Dentists across the country are being urged to check that they have the right TV licence amid concerns that many don’t realise they need a different kind of licence. As dental practices are classified as public areas, dentists must secure a separate licence to enable them to show patients TV shows or films on terrestrial channels or via DVD players.

In addition to a standard TV licence, dentists must also ensure that they have PRS and PPL licences to broadcast live music and an MPLC licence for the television. Alex O’Neill, professional services manager at Code, explained that the MPLC is now targeting dental practices because it has emerged that many dental professionals are unaware of the need for separate licences.

The advice from Code is for dentists to check the requirements carefully and ensure that they have the relevant licences to provide entertainment for patients. If there is any doubt about what is covered by a standard licence and when a separate licence is required, Code advises dentists to get in touch and speak with an expert.

MPLC licences can be obtained online at If you don’t have the right licences and you’re found to be broadcasting programmes or services that aren’t covered by a standard licence, you may be subject to legal action.

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