Dentists urge consumers to avoid cheap online teeth straightening kits

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Dentists have issued a warning over cheap teeth straightening kits, which are available to buy online. 

Braces provided by dental experts usually cost in the region of £2,000 to £5,000, but online firms are offering cut-price braces for less than £1,500. SmileDirectClub, which is targeting patients on a budget, claims that cheaper braces can be beneficial for those with mild and moderate orthodontic issues, but dentists are not convinced. The British Dental Association and the British Orthodontic Society have urged consumers to proceed with caution, suggesting that discounted treatment can put patients at risk. 

The process of ordering braces online usually involves visiting a high street store or a pharmacy to have a 3D scan, but the BOS has warned that unsupervised treatment carries significant risks. President, Jonathan Sandler, said that rigorous, thorough checks are advised prior to orthodontic treatment to establish the severity of problems and ascertain which kinds of braces will be most suitable for the individual patient. 

Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the Oral Health Foundation, agreed with Mr Sandler, stating that patients should always benefit from face-to-face consultations with experienced dentists. The lure of cheap braces may be appealing, especially for those who would struggle to afford conventional treatment, but there is every chance that patients could suffer, Dr Carter added. 

SmileDirectClub currently has plans to open stores in Manchester, London, Birmingham, Leeds, Cardiff, Newcastle and Cambridge, and patients will have access to web, phone, and email consultations.

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