Dentists take to the mountain tracks of Southern Utah to ride for charity

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A group of dentists has gathered for an annual charity motorcycle ride in the mountains of Southern Utah.

Dentists travel to the US from all over the world to take part in a ride for Smiles for Life, a charity that supports dental projects in developing countries.

Co-founder of the charity, Steve Andersen, organises the annual trip as a fun means of getting dental professionals together and participating in an event that raises awareness of the charity’s humanitarian initiatives, as well as encouraging people to donate to the cause. Each year, a gang of dentists who are passionate about motorcycles make their way through the mountain tracks, enjoying the scenery and coming together to help people who have virtually no access to dental care. 

Smiles for Life has already raised more than $50 million, which has funded much-needed dental supplies, helped to provide temporary clinics, and enabled people based in developing countries to gain dental skills through training programmes. These individuals not only have a means of providing an income to support their families, but they also have incredibly valuable skills that benefit the entire community. 

Co-founder Roy Hammond, who has been a dentist for over 30 years, said that founding the charity more than 20 years ago changed his life. Working with other dental professionals to help those who don’t have access to treatment has been difficult and challenging, but ultimately, hugely rewarding. 

Missouri dentist, Ron Massie, is one of those who travelled to join the group of bikers this year. Mr Massie said that the experience teaches you that there’s more to life than most of us realise, and that giving back is a wonderful thing to do.

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