Dentists share their secrets for whiter winter smiles

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A leading dental website has shared a host of secrets to achieve brighter, whiter smiles this winter. With more and more people lusting after radiant pearly whites, advice from could come in handy this Christmas.

According to the site, which shares advice given by dental professionals, good oral hygiene is an excellent foundation, but it’s often not sufficient to brighten the teeth dramatically. While brushing is incredibly important for oral health, it only has limited value when it comes to altering the appearance of the teeth. Regular brushing can reduce the risk of staining, but if you really want a drastic change in the aesthetic of the smile, tooth whitening treatment should be a consideration. Professional whitening treatments are a safe and effective means of lightening the shade of the enamel. also recommends keeping a close eye on your diet, as some of the foods and drinks you consume could impact on the colour of your teeth due to the presence of staining agents. Popular choices such as tea, coffee, red wine and cola and soy sauce and berries can all increase the risk of discolouration.

The website also recommends avoiding smoking, one of the most common and potent causes of tooth staining. The presence of chemicals like tar discolours the teeth, making them look yellow or brown. If you are a smoker, but you’re keen to give up, your dentist or doctor will be able to help.

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