Dentists raise concerns over the rising number of unlicensed practitioners providing facial treatments in Northern Ireland

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Dentists in Northern Ireland have raised concerns over the rising number of unlicensed providers of facial treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers.
Dr Martina Collins, principal dentist at Martina Collins Dental and Skin Clinic, is registered with Save Face, and is urging other dental professionals and licensed aesthetic practitioners to join the register to lower the risk of patients visiting unlicensed providers. Facial aesthetics is currently one of the only industries within the medical sector that isn’t regulated, and Dr Collins is warning that the prevalence of unlicensed providers is putting patient safety at risk.
Save Face offers a list of approved, accredited facial aesthetics providers, which customers can consult to ensure they receive treatment from a qualified, experienced practitioner. Martina’s practice is currently one of only a handful of clinics registered with the body.
Dr Collins has seen first-hand the potential implications of undergoing treatment administered by individuals who lack the training and expertise to provide treatments like Botox. She has seen a number of patients who have suffered as a result of poor-quality, sub-standard treatment, and is eager to prevent any further cases.
The Save Face register is accredited by the Professional Standards Agency and it is also approved by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the Department of Health.
Dr Collins is encouraging any patients who are considering having facial treatment to choose a provider that is listed and to research treatments in depth first.

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