Dentists Indulges Passion by Joining Forces with Rugby Club

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Dr Leo O’Hara has found the perfect way to combine his love of dentistry and rugby by joining forces with Gloucester Rugby Club.

Dr O’Hara, principal dentist at the Nelson Street Dental Practice in Stroud, said that he had become a fan of rugby after moving to Gloucestershire in 1985. He has attended matches on a regular basis and recently started taking his children along. Shortly after he started going to games, Dr O’Hara developed an interest in sports dentistry and approached Gloucester Rugby Club to inquire about working with the club.

Dr O’Hara is now working with players to provide custom-made mouthguards for training and matches. He said that his own experience playing rugby means that he is aware of the importance of a well-fitted mouthguard. Dr O’Hara is also on hand to treat any injuries that occur during or after matches.

Dr O’Hara completed a year-long course in sports dentistry and now offers oral health advice and dental treatment to the players, as well as providing them with state of the art performance enhancing mouthguards.

Dr O’Hara said that he is delighted to have the opportunity to combine his passions.


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