Dentists in Wales to introduce a wider range of services

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Dentists in Wales will be able to introduce a wider range of services, as lockdown measures are gradually eased across the country. 

The Welsh Government has confirmed that dental practices will be able to provide a more comprehensive selection of services as part of a phased easing of the lockdown. 

During lockdown, the majority of practices in Wales closed to the public, with patients referred to urgent dental centres for emergency care. Initially, when clinics were given the green light to open, most offered provision for patients in urgent need of care. Having reached out to priority cases and vulnerable patients, some dental practices are now in a position to accept more patients and provide more general dental services in the coming weeks. 

Despite making positive steps forward in controlling the virus, patients have been advised that services will not return to normal for some time. At the moment, clinics are operating a system that allows for a maximum number of patients per day with social distancing in place, and aerosol-generating procedures are not currently available at most high street practices because they pose a greater risk. 

Patients who need to see a dentist urgently should contact their local practice as normal, but those who are keen to book a check-up are encouraged to wait until dentists have tended to those in need of emergency assistance.

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