Dentist Warns Parents With Tooth Decay Against Kissing Their Children

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A paediatric dental specialist has warned parents who suffer from tooth decay to be wary of kissing children on the lips or blowing on food in order to avoid the spread of bacteria to their child.

Dr Michael Chong from the Gold Coast explained that both damaging and non-damaging bacteria spreads through the transfer of saliva, with the biggest risk coming before or during the eruption of baby teeth. He warned that an active decaying cavity could transfer to a baby’s vulnerable teeth and lead to tooth decay in their future.

Dr Chong also warned against blowing on a child’s food to cool it down, tasting a meal to check its temperature, or even using the same utensils.

Dr Chong also suggested that the best thing to do is to get a dental check up, and maintain a regular dental hygiene routine to avoid transferring harmful bacteria to your child. He noted the best way to look after your children’s dental health is to lead by example and take care of your own.

The warnings for what would happen if you don’t are stark, as Dr Chong recounted stories about how in some very extreme cases babies had to have their teeth capped or even pulled out as a result of tooth decay.

The best way to avoid the harm of tooth decay is to clean your teeth carefully, floss and regularly see your dentist.




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