Dentist Warned About Discount Offers

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Legal experts have warned dentists about offering discount deals as incentives for new patients.

According to experts, dentists could be leaving themselves open to complaints by tempting new clients through the doors with discount deals on treatments. Head of the Dental Defence Union, Rupert Hoppenbrouwers, said that it makes good business sense to try and attract new patients but dentists should take care to prioritise professionalism.

Mr Hoppenbrouwers added that many dentists have called the DDU to seek advice about offering discount deals and suggested that providing special discounts on treatments may lead dentists to perform procedures that are not necessary or in the best interests of the patient. As a result of this, dentists could be increasing the risk of patients complaining after the treatment has been carried out.

The General Dental Council has already advised dentists to be wary of participating in discount schemes and stressed the need for high standards of clinical excellence and professionalism.

The DDU has also reminded dental professionals that they must comply with GDC standards when advertising their businesses.


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