Dentist turned author donates proceeds to Bridge2Aid

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A dentist turned author has donated the proceeds of his novel, The Smiling Dentist, to charity. Dentist Alif Moosajee wrote the book, which is described as a “jargon-free guide”, to help patients understand more about the treatments available to them.

Moosajee’s book has now sold more than 700 copies on Amazon, and the talented dentist has generously donated £500,000 to Bridge2Aid. Bridge2Aid is a charity, which was set up to provide better standards of dental care to communities in Tanzania. The aim of the programmes and projects run by the charity is to provide training for practitioners who can then use their skills and expertise to offer dental care to local people. Every year, volunteers take part in a series of training trips and the charity is making a real difference to local residents, many of whom had never seen a dentist before Bridge2Aid came into their lives.

Mr Moosajee said that the book has received a lot of positive feedback both from patients and dentists.

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