Dentist to Travel from Cardiff to Calais to Help Refugees

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A dentist is preparing to travel from Cardiff to Calais in the hope of helping refugees. Raid Ali is planning to go to Calais to provide basic dental care next month after seeing news headlines and terrible images of people struggling to survive.

Originally from Iraq, Mr Ali has lived in Cardiff with his wife for over a decade. The couple have three young children and Mr Ali felt compelled to help when he watched the news and read stories in the newspapers.

Over the last few weeks, many people across the country have been collecting food parcels, blankets, clothing and toys, but Mr Ali believes he has something that not many people can offer and he is hoping to use his dental skills to help those in pain. Although he admits he has never done anything like this before, Mr Ali is ready to get out there and make a difference and has talked about travelling all over Europe as well as visiting the camps in Calais. He doesn’t work on weekends and is willing to sacrifice his free time to help people in dire need. His practice, Restore Dental Group, already supports numerous charities and Mr Ali and his team are always on the lookout for good causes to support.

Just a few weeks ago, the team took part in the Cardiff 10k run, raising almost £900 for Kidney Wales Foundation.

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