Dentist Teams Up With Swiss Manufacturer to Launch New Dental Implant

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A surgeon from a cosmetic dentistry practice in York has worked with a Swiss manufacturer to help with the launch of a new kind of dental implant.

Dr Adam Glassford, from Andrea Ubhi York, Stonegate, is working alongside Straumann on the manufacture of two new products set to improve options for patients. Straumann has been a world pioneer in dental implants since 1974, with 13 million implants sold across the globe.

The new implants use a new material known as Roxolid. This material is stronger than any developed before it and uses a titanium-zirconium alloy to replace lost teeth.

Mr Glassford holds an Advanced Dental Implant Diploma from the esteemed Royal College of Surgeons of England, and has been named one of Straumann’s leading dental implant providers in the UK.

Mr Glassford and the Andrea Ubhi practice are working together with Straumann’s territory manager, Kate Keating, to provide the Roxolid product to their own patients, as well as patients who have been referred to them from practices across Yorkshire.

According to Mr Glassford, dental implants can usually only be placed when bone density is sufficient. The bone begins to shrink back after a tooth comes out, and then an implant of the same length of the original tooth cannot be placed.

He added that the Straumann Roxolid material allows implants to be smaller (as small as 4mm) in length, and this means more patients will be able to consider dental implants as a solution for missing teeth.







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