Dentist In Scotland First To Be Prosecuted For Illegal Dental Practices

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Ronnie Barogiannis’s secret was discovered after police were informed about staffing arrangements. Barogiannis pleaded guilty to practicing at the Bridge of Don Dental Clinic and Research Centre, Aberdeen without a registration from the General Dental Council (GDC).

The investigation occurred at the time when NHS Grampian were informing 900 patients of concerns about blood born infections after an inspection. However, NHS Grampian were unaware of any concerns surrounding Barogiannis at that time.

Mr Barogiannis says he plans to rebuild his work and career following his fine of £500 for his failure to hold the legal documentation he needed to practice.

He claims that he put an application through to the GDC for the registration documents before he relocated to Aberdeen from his country of origin, Greece. However, he had been working at the Aberdeen practice prior to receiving the legal documentations he needed to do so.

Since the prosecution Mr Barogiannis has not worked for over two years and rues his mistake, claiming that it was ‘stupid’ and that it has set his career back. However, he does hope to move forward and sees a career as a dentist still in his future.

Mr Barogiannis received his dental qualification from the Malmo University in Sweden. Since the prosecution he has continued to work at the practice, but is now working at reception answering calls. He wears regular clothes instead of his usual dental uniform so patients will not mistake him for a dentist.

He pleaded guilty to his illegal practice in 2012, but later claimed that he only worked for one day without the correct paperwork. A spokesperson for the GDC has said that Barogiannis had applied 2 or 3 times but not a single application was complete. He can, however, reapply for registration some time in the future.

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