Dentist extracts tooth stem cells for future medicine

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Three Denver-based dentists are teaming up with StemSave™ in order to offer their patients a chance to store valuable stem cells for possible future “Regenerative Medical Therapies.” The National Institutes of Health recently discovered that powerful stem cells were contained in teeth, which could help protect their dental health in the future. Denver dentists Dr. H Candace DeLapp, Dr. Sarah Parsons and Dr. James DeLapp have joined the initiative to allow their patients to participate in possible innovative regenerative medicine.

The extracted stem cells are cryo-preserved and saved for future possible procedures. Recently, stem cell treatment has emerged as a field for Regenerative Medicine, with more than seventy-eight clinical trials using stem cells ongoing in the US including the military. Stem cell research suggests that future therapies could help cure several of today’s diseases, including Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer.

Dr. James DeLapp, of Denver Dentistry, was quoted as stating; ‘As a dentist it is truly remarkable that our Denver area dental office can offer our patients what may prove to be a potential life-saving procedure by simply preserving teeth that would otherwise be discarded.’

Dr. Gregory Chotkowski, President of StemSave™ added; ‘We are thrilled to partner with these South Denver area dentists, to make harvesting stem cells from teeth easy and affordable, this way everyone can benefit from the powerful medical applications of stem cells.’

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