Dentist cleared of sexually assaulting female patient

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A Cork dentist was found not guilty of sexually assaulting a female patient yesterday.

John Tait, a 58 year old dentist from the Upper Rochestown area of Cork, appeared in court facing charges of sexual assault following an alleged incident at his dental surgery back in 2005. A young female patient claimed that her dentist, Mr Tait, had touched her inappropriately and unfastened buttons on her blouse during a routine check-up.

Mr Tait denied the woman’s allegations and yesterday the court found him not guilty of the offence. Judge Leo Malone said he found that parts of the young woman’s story were incredulous and there was a lack of solid evidence. Mr Malone was also puzzled as to why it had taken more than two and a half years for the patient to contact police with reference to this charge.

Mr Tait was found guilty of assaulting a woman last October in a charge very similar to this latest one; the woman complained that dentist had unbuttoned her blouse in order to reveal her underwear; Mr Tait was charged and forced to pay a fine of 1,000 Euros.

Yesterday, the case was closed against Mr Tait and his lawyer said he was relieved and pleased that the Judge had seen through the woman’s unrealistic claims.

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