Dentist braves the shave to raise money for Bognor Regis Lions Club

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A dentist has braved the shave to raise money for a cause close to his heart, the Bognor Regis Lions Club.

Dr Simon Knights, the owner of Knights Dental Surgery, has decided to part ways with his much-loved beard as practices reopen in England. Under new guidelines, Dr Knights will be required to wear a tight-fitting mask, meaning that he wouldn’t be able to keep his beloved facial hair. Dr Knights thought he would use the momentous hair removal session to generate funds for the Bognor Regis Lions Club.

The Lions Club raises funds for a huge range of local causes and charities, donating money to hospices, cancer charities, children’s initiatives and support groups and community groups. In the last 50 years, the club has raised over £3 million.

During the Coronavirus lockdown, the club members have been unable to carry out fundraising activities, and this has affected the ability to support good causes. 

Dr Knights has been a member of the Lions Club for 30 years and he was eager to do something to raise money and get people talking about local initiatives again. Shaving his beard enables him to prepare to get back to work, at the same time as supporting the club.

Anyone who wishes to donate is encouraged to contact Tammy Fells on 01243 585743.

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