Dental Waiting Times To Decrease In South Australia

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The South Australia Dental service expects waiting times to decrease in the area from this month as a new dentist has joined the Mount Gambier mobile clinic, bringing the total number of dentists to four.

Martin Dooland, executive director of the SA Dental Service, said the mobile clinic was launched in October and will remain in service until next year when a new dental clinic is set to open.

The waiting time for non-emergency dental care is currently four years in some areas of the region, but this is expected to fall with the addition of a fourth dentist. Mr Dooland explained that the waiting list has not changed much since the launch of the mobile clinic because the dental team has been dealing with a backlog of urgent cases. The list is expected to shorten in the coming months.

Mr Dooland explained that the team was trying to see as many people on the routine waiting list as possible, in order to reduce the number of urgent cases and create a “positive feedback loop”.

The waiting list in Mount Gambier is currently the longest in the state.

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