Dental tourism is booming, as more and more Brits seek cheaper treatment overseas

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The trend for travelling overseas for dental treatment is gathering pace, as more and more Brits consider flying abroad to save on services like dental implants and cosmetic braces. 

As government figures show that less than 50% of adults regularly see a dentist in the UK, dental tourism is booming. Offering the chance to undergo treatment for less, overseas clinics are capitalising on rising fees, with destinations including Hungary, Poland and Slovakia emerging as popular destinations. 

Annabel Cutler has recently jumped on the dental tourism bandwagon and shared her story in the national press. Annabel had struggled with dental issues for most of her life and had been left with a negative perception of dentists by her childhood dentist. Having put up with weak teeth and lack of confidence for several years, Annabel decided to visit a Harley Street dentist and ask about treatment options last year. By this point, two of her back molars had all but disintegrated, and she had concerns about the impact on her oral health. After receiving a quote for £8,000 for implants, Annabel decided to research other options. 

After speaking to a friend who had undergone treatment in Budapest, Annabel looked into the city’s clinics in more detail. Concerned about the risk of complications, Annabel decided to opt for a Budapest clinic that has offices in London and she attended a consultation with a dentist who flew between the UK and Hungary, providing consultations before carrying out treatment in Budapest. Annabel was informed that she needed two implants and three crowns, which would involve having another tooth extracted and bone grafting. The cost came in at £4,000 including travel and accommodation. 

The number of dental tourists visiting Budapest from the UK tripled in 2017, and Annabel now understands why. Five months after her consultation, she was sporting a healthier, brighter smile, and she couldn’t fault the process. Although dental tourism can be an excellent option for UK patients looking to save, it is crucial to undertake thorough research and to ensure you opt for approved, reputable clinics.

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