Dental tourism booming across Europe

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The number of Europeans travelling to other countries for dental and cosmetic procedures has increased significantly in recent years.

The recent recession has served only to strengthen people’s resolve to travel for treatment, with prices in some countries up to 70 percent lower than costs in the UK. Dental tourism is particularly popular in parts of Eastern Europe, where dentists and health representatives are welcoming the recent influx of health tourists and are planning to build on recent successes. At a conference on dental tourism in Bulgaria last week, the chairman of the Bulgarian association for health tourism, Ventsislav Stoev, said he wanted Bulgaria to become “the Mecca for dental tourism”; he went on to say that companies in Bulgaria will start to develop attractive holiday and treatment packages to entice overseas clients; prices in the UK are currently around seven times higher than those in Bulgaria.

Other Balkan states have also enjoyed a recent boom in the dental tourism trade; both Turkey and Romania have reported significant increases in the number of people coming for dental treatment and are continuing to encourage the industry in their respective countries; this is an excellent opportunity for these countries to improve their economies and foster positive international relationships.

It is easy to see why Brits are flocking to faraway destinations for dental treatment; however, experts have urged patients to research their treatment thoroughly and choose a clinic which has been approved. There are now several specialist agencies which can help patients to choose their clinic, as well as arranging their travel and accommodation.

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