Dental Staff Preparing for Zambia Mission

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A team of dental staff from Yeovil are preparing to travel to Zambia to help people in need.

Members of staff from the Resolution Specialist Treatment Centre in Yeovil will spend three weeks in Zambia, helping to educate people and providing much-needed dental treatment for the locals.

Dr Mark Brickley will be joined by orthodontic therapist, Kirsty Gibbs and dental nurses Cassie Tozer, Alice Thomas and Jemma Tucker. The team will be setting off in August and are currently fundraising to cover the cost of expenses and supplies.

The idea to go to Zambia came about following discussions with local GP, Anthony Webb, who has visited and worked in Africa many times. Principal dentist, Dr Mark Brickley said that the team was eager to give something back and help people who really needed care and assistance and after talking to Dr Webb, they decided on a trip to Mpongwe in Zambia.

Dental services do not really exist outside of the major cities in Zambia and as a result thousands of people do not receive any form of dental care. The majority of people are also unaware of the importance of oral hygiene and the team will be focusing on education during their three-week trip.

Staff will spend time talking to people about dental hygiene and oral health and they will also provide supplies to help people learn about brushing their teeth. The team is also eager to train people to spread the message about oral hygiene, so their visit can have a long-term impact. The Yeovil staff will be carrying out hands-on treatment but this will not be the focus of their visit.


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