Dental practice launches search for Norwich’s most nervous patient

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An East Anglia dental practice is on the hunt for Norwich’s most nervous dental patient. 

Dentist, Dr Gautam Sharma, from West Earlham Dental Practice, has launched a novel competition in a bid to cure one local patient of dental phobia. Dr Sharma is offering the winner the chance to undergo a course of treatment provided by psychotherapist, James Brittain. 

Dr Sharma said that he had decided to reach out to the city’s anxious patients because dental anxiety is very common, and in many cases, it can prevent people from going to the dentist for years on end. Routine dental care is so important, and the team is eager to help those who don’t feel able to attend regular dental appointments. Often, people build up going to a clinic as a terrifying experience, and Dr Gautam and his team, with the help of Mr Brittain, are keen to help patients feel more relaxed and overcome their fears.

It is estimated that around 1 in 10 UK adults experience anxiety when facing a date with the dental chair. In some cases of dental phobia, patients avoid going to the dentist at all costs, often putting up with intense pain and risking complex dental health issues.

The closing date for the competition is the 15th November and anyone who is interested in applying is encouraged to email [email protected]. The team will select a winner based in the Norwich area once the deadline has passed, and treatment will be available before the end of the year.

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