Dental Patients Travel Far and Wide to Cut Spending.

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Dental tourism appeared in Europe several years ago but due to increasing costs of dental treatment the number of patients seeking treatment abroad is growing. 
The latest bout of dental tourism has developed in Russia; the current economic crisis has caused many dentist patients to search for dental treatment in surrounding countries due to the increase in prices in Moscow.
Russian dentists are pointing the finger at the raised and high prices of importing dentistry equipment, recently dentistry prices have risen between 40-50% in Russia.
A filling in Moscow can now cost the patient 4,500 rubles (£85), whilst in surrounding countries similar treatment can be sought for just 2,000 rubles (£40).
This has caused a huge increase in the number of people willing to travel in order to gain healthy teeth at a low cost; recently there has been a tenfold increase in customers who seek travel from travel companies that organise such dentistry tours.
An increasingly popular resort for European dental patients is the Indian state of Kerala, which has become a major dental tourism focal point. 
Gins Paul, Dental Designs, said: “Dental tourism is fast emerging as a major branch of medical tourism. Most leading tour operators and websites have included this in their service charts.”
Others that suffer from high dental prices in Central Europe find themselves heading east to seek treatment in countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Romania that can offer dental patients cheaper treatment thanks to lower salaries and overheads in their dental surgeries.
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