Dental Patients in Wales Waiting Too Long, Claims Liberal Democrat Leader

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The leader of the Liberal Democrat Party in Wales has claimed that patients are waiting too long for treatment.

Kirsty Williams was speaking at first minister’s questions on the 27th March when she made the statement. She highlighted several problems facing dental patients in Wales, including the fact that many people are struggling to register with a dentist because practices are not accepting new NHS patients.

According to figures published by the Liberal Democrat Party, only 37 percent of dental practices are accepting new patients and of the surgeries that are taking on new patients, 65 percent have a waiting list of over 2 months and alarmingly, one practice currently has a wait time of six years.

Despite Ms Williams’ concerns, First Minister Carwyn Jones dismissed the problem, saying that he did not “recognise the figures.” Mr Jones said that there had been a considerable increase in the number of places available in Wales and an increase in the number of NHS dentists working in the country. He disputed the fact that the situation had got worse, instead insisting that it was obvious that significant improvements have been made.




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