Dental Patient Numbers Fall In Brighton

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The number of patients visiting their dentist in Brighton has fallen, according to the latest figures.

According to the latest national figures, the number of dental patients has fallen by 10 per cent in Brighton and Hove since 2006. In March 2006, almost two thirds of the population visited their dentist, compared to just half in March 2013. Around 50 per cent of adults and 73 per cent of children visit their dentist on a regular basis.

There is a suggestion that the fall in patient numbers may be associated with economic difficulties, which have made it increasingly hard for many people to afford dental treatment.

In other parts of Sussex, the figures are largely the same as 7 years ago, with around half of adults paying their dentist a visit and 66 per cent of children in East Sussex and 72 per cent in West Sussex making regular dental visits.

Tara Bartley, practice manager of Smiles Dental, a private dental practice in Brighton, said that there had been a decrease in patient numbers, which is probably due to the economic downturn. She said that it is always very quiet in the months after Christmas, as people tend to have less disposable income and many people now view dental care as a luxury, rather than an essential therapy.

The figures were published by the Health and Social Care Information Centre.

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