Dental Patient Asked to Fish Broken Crown out of Toilet, Wins £20,000 in Settlement

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A dental patient has been paid £20,000 in an out of court settlement after a series of treatments for a broken tooth left her in agony for nine months, the biggest indignity being told to fish a broken onlay out of her toilet so a replacement can be made.

Sally Bannister went to see Dentist Matthew Jackson at Tower Dental in Carterton to fix a fractured filling, the repaired filling subsequently fracturing again. After this happened, Dr Jackson fitted an onlay onto the affected tooth, which came loose and was accidentally swallowed.

When Sally called the practice to ask for advice, she was told by a receptionist to wait for it to pass through and bring it back to the practice so a replacement can be made. She continued to go to the practice until another filling fitted fell out.

Mrs Bannister claims that she was given inadequate treatment because she was on a payment plan and as she paid a fixed amount per month Dr Jackson provided her the minimum treatment allowed, putting Mrs Bannister in intense pain and putting a strain on Mrs Bannister’s family life and career.

The Dental Law Partnership took her case and it was settled out of court for £20,000, which associate solicitor Heather Owen says will pay for the additional treatment needed to fix her filling and compensate her for the pain she endured.



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