Dental Office Worker Has Wedding And Engagements Rings Stolen

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A dental office worker from Edinburgh has been left devastated after her wedding and engagement rings were stolen; Christelle Visagie took her rings off to wash her hands while visiting the Western General Hospital for a routine flu vaccination.

The newlywed forgot to put the rings back on after washing her hands and when she returned to the toilets the rings had gone. Christelle got married in July and said that the rings, which included a platinum wedding band embellished with diamonds and a platinum engagement ring with a 1 carat diamond, which was inherited from her mother-in-law, were her “whole world.”

Lothian and Borders Police are now appealing for information about the incident; the rings are worth £10,000 and Christelle and her husband, Corne, are desperate to get them back.

Christelle said that dealing with staff at the hospital had been very frustrating but she hopes that the police will have more success in tracking down the lost rings. Police have encouraged anyone who knows anything about the incident to contact them or visit their local police station.

The rings are worth a lot of money, but they also have significant sentimental value, as the engagement ring was passed down from Corne’s mother.

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