Dental Lab To Expand After Securing Loan

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S4S, one of the UK’s leading dental laboratories, is set to expand after company directors secured a loan from the Royal Bank of Scotland.

The firm, which is managed by Matt Everatt and Neil Bullement, will double in size after securing a loan, which will enable the business to move to Acorn Business Park.

Company directors, Matt and Neil, have been at the business since it launched in 2005 and the business has gone from strength to strength thanks to the growing product range and the popularity of appliances designed to stop snoring and orthodontic devices.

S4S will now expand considerably and the new premises have access to the latest technology and improved facilities.

Neil Bullement said that the recent success of the firm is due to the launch of the Smilelign system for straightening teeth and now, the current premises are not big enough.

Mr Bullement thanked the Royal Bank of Scotland for agreeing to the loan to enable the company to expand and said that staff had been very supportive during the application process.

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