Dental Hygienist Listed As One Of The Best Jobs

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American researchers have listed dental hygienist as one of the best jobs to have. The best career, according to the research team, was the actuary profession.

Researchers conducted a survey on, an American job site, found that actuaries, who calculate the financial value of risk associated with death, accidents and illness, have the best job because they have rising wages, access to improved technology, which enables them to complete more complex tasks quicker and job security, as there is a shortage of qualified actuaries.

According to the survey, many jobs that involve helping people, rate highly, with dental hygienists, optometrists, audiologists, occupational therapists and physical therapists, also coming in the top 10 best jobs.

Newspaper reporters propped all the others up at the bottom of the list of 200 jobs with oil rig engineers, military personnel and lumberjacks completing the list of worst jobs. Tony Lee, publisher of the website, said that newspaper reporters rated so poorly because of decreasing opportunities, long hours and low salaries.

The survey used data from the Bureau of Labour Statistics to compile the list of best and worst jobs. Data from other government agencies was also used during the research process.

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