Dental hospitals invite patients for free cancer check-ups

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Dental hospitals in Cork and Dublin are inviting patients to attend free screening examinations on Wednesday.

The free check-ups are being used to screen for cancer and raise awareness of mouth and neck cancer. Oral cancer is the sixth most common form of cancer, affecting thousands of people around the world; however, it does not have a high media profile like others forms of cancer and consequently many people may not be aware of the symptoms. According to figures, more people die from oral cancer than both skin cancer and cervical cancer.

The screening tests are being held to check for symptoms and raise awareness of the disease; many people do not realise that they have symptoms of oral cancer and their condition becomes more advanced; recognising symptoms can lead to early treatment, which can improve survival rates by up to 90 percent.

Symptoms of oral cancer include white and red patches in the mouth, lumps and abnormal swellings in the mouth or throat or sores, which do not heal. Patients who smoke and drink alcohol on a regular basis are at risk of developing oral cancer; however, anyone can be affected, so it is important for patients to attend regular check-ups at the dentist and keep an eye out for signs and symptoms.

Patients will be invited to attend free check-ups between 9am and 5pm at either the Dublin Dental University Hospital or the Cork University Dental Hospital; no appointments are necessary. Health experts are urging patients to attend the check-ups and make the most of screening opportunities; many patients wait until their symptoms are at a very advanced stage and the chances of successful treatment are therefore lower. Patients who cannot attend the clinics are advised to see their dentist.

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May 17th, 2011 at 08:47 PM
ann carroll Says :

just wondering if your giving any free oral cancer screening in the west of ireland, my husband suffers very bad with very large mouth ulcers, when hes bad he cant even eat or talk, its got to a stage now that hes so fed up with them, and wont get them checked out, he been to a ear nose + throat specialist who told him it was hereditary because his mother had mouth ulcers!!!! and his dentist doesent seem too bothered as he is a mate of his!!! Not a week goes by that he doesent have ulcers, im at my wits end at all this, have tryed everything on the market at this stage. nobody seems to be lising to me, we were quoted almost 300 euro last month for a oral cancer screening visit, which we couldnt afford, any advice i would be great, thank you ann carroll