Dental Health Team swap Liverpool for Tanzania

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A dental health team from NHS Liverpool have swapped Liverpool for Tanzania to help train clinical dental officers in the country.

Rizwana Haq, a dental officer and Liz Puzzar, a dental health promotion officer, visited Tanzania for two weeks to help train clinical dental officers to extract teeth. During their trip, they helped to extract over 1,000 teeth. The duo travelled to Tanzania as part of dental charity, Bridge2Aid’s dental volunteer programme.

90 percent of Tanzania’s dental professionals work in big cities, despite the fact that 75 percent of the population live in rural areas; as a result of this, access to dental services is highly restricted and hundreds of people go without regular dental care.

Bridge2Aid was established to help people living in rural villages in Tanzania; their dental volunteer programme relies on volunteer dentists and dental professionals in the UK giving up their time to go out to Tanzania and train dental officers out there and talk to local people and oral hygiene and oral health

Rizwana Haq, who works at Everton Ward Health Centre, Vauxhall Health Centre and as part of the emergency dental service, said that the chance to go to Tanzania was a great opportunity to help other people and get involved in a really good cause. Her colleague Liz was full of praise for the work of the charity and said that the experience had been “fabulous.”

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