Dental Health Lessons in India and Africa

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Dental teams in India and Africa are creating awareness about the benefits of good dental hygiene and how to look after the mouth, teeth and gums properly.

Zooming In for Development (ZID) established a dental check-up camp at an orphanage in India to teach good dental hygiene practice. Part of the drive included post-graduate dental trainees from Datta Meghe Medical College in Sawangi and dentists from the local T-32 Dental Clinic providing treatment to children suffering from poor oral health. Ten children experienced severe dental conditions requiring more extensive treatment.

A contributing factor of poor oral health amongst children in India is the consumption of betel nuts and tobacco. ZID attempted to identify orphan children in need of urgent dental care so that appropriate treatment could be provided.

Similarly, Chemicotex Industries in Tanzania sets up dental health programmes in schools and hospitals to educate locals about how to improve their oral health.  The programmes aim to raise the standard of oral hygiene and prevent development of oral diseases.

Bacterial infections starting in the mouth may damage the body’s immunity. The dental health programmes are a response to the World Health Organisation recent findings revealing the high prevalence of tooth decay and resulting disease.


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