Dental health campaign that is keeping Stoke smiling set to expand to other parts of the UK

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An innovative dental health campaign, which has kept Stoke smiling since 2018 is set to be rolled out to other parts of the UK.

The ‘KeepStokeSmiling’ scheme was launched in 2018 with the aim of reducing rates of decay and encouraging people to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Building on the success of the awareness campaign in Staffordshire, the organisers are now looking to roll out the scheme under the tagline ‘Keep Britain Smiling.’

Over the last three years, the campaign has dealt with several issues linked to poor dental health. The most recent campaign, ‘Fizz-Free Schools’ was developed and run in partnership with the local council and Dental Public Health. As part of the programme, all schools will receive a toolkit to reduce fizzy drink consumption, and billboards designed by advertising firm, JC Decaux will pop up across Stoke and North Staffordshire.

The campaign started life as a small-scale local project, which aimed to help young people feel more confident about their smiles. Now, there is a blueprint for a national initiative. The success of patient awareness campaigns in Stoke has already inspired similar projects in other parts of the Midlands, South Yorkshire and Dorset and it is hoped that more areas will follow suit.

KeepStokeSmiling has more than 1,500 social media followers and campaigns have featured celebrities, including Peter Crouch, Professor Lord Robert Winston and Colin Jackson.

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