Dental group BeDental relaunches two dental practices in Edinburgh

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Dental group BeDental has finished renovation work on two dental practices in Leith, within the city of Edinburgh. The clinics Ocean Drive Dental and Vitaliteeth were both bought by BeDental and transformed in a £1.2 million renovation plan. BeDental have strong ambitions to make the clinics twice as big by 2020.

Clinical Director, Atif Bashir believes that by expanding BeDental they can continue to grow within Edinburgh and other areas of Scotland. Not only have they renovated the practices, they have also installed state of the art technology available in the clinics. This will mean that they will be able to offer patients the very latest technology when it comes to dental treatments and care. They already own dental clinics in Falkirk and parts of Glasgow and offer treatment to private patients and NHS patients.

The two clinics in Leith combined have 13, 000 patients and NHS patients will be split from private patients. Ocean Drive will cater for all current NHS patients, whilst Vitaliteeth will be 100% private. BeDental already employs 70 members of staff and would like to have acquired five more practices by 2020.

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