Dental Experts Issue Warning Over Summer Foods

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Summer is around the corner and while this is great news for those looking forward to holidays and special occasions, it could be bad news for your teeth.

Dental experts have warned that many popular summer foods can actually cause damage and wear to the teeth. The most recent Adult Dental Health Survey revealed that more than three quarters of adults in the UK have a degree of tooth wear and Professor Andrew Eder said that tooth wear is becoming an increasingly prevalent and worrying problem.

Many people are aware that sugary drinks, fizzy pop and sweets are bad for the teeth, but there are some less well-known culprits to look out for. Pickle is a popular accompaniment for summer salads and sandwiches and while it may be tasty, it also contains a lot of sugar and the strong colorants may discolour the teeth.

Another potential danger is tomatoes; tomatoes have a host of health benefits, but they are very acidic, which means that they can cause the enamel to be eroded. Eating tomatoes is very good for you, but stick to eating them at mealtimes only.

Many people choose to drink fruit juice as a healthy alternative to fizzy drinks, but most fruit juice drinks are packed with sugar. Dental experts recommend natural fruit juices with no added sugar and sugar-free mixers for summery cocktails.

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