Dental decay the leading cause of non-urgent hospital admissions in Brent children

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Figures have confirmed that tooth decay is the leading cause of non-urgent hospital admissions for children in Brent.

According to the latest research, almost half of children living in the borough have signs of tooth decay, despite the fact that the disease is completely preventable.

The alarming findings have prompted Brent Council to take immediate action and plans to launch a new outreach scheme in local schools are already being discussed. The aim is to educate children and parents about the importance of good oral health and show children how to brush their teeth properly and how to make healthy food choices.

One of the main issues with children today is their diet, as sugar consumption has increased significantly compared to previous generations. Children regularly consume fizzy drinks and energy drinks, as well as sweets and chocolate bars and this undoubtedly has a negative impact on oral health.

Brent Council is currently working with head teachers to identify schools to take part in the pilot scheme.

Head of the health and well being team at the council, Councillor Krupesh Hirani, said that the statistics are very worrying, as decay is preventable. The outreach project will concentrate on educating children and their parents about preventative measures and healthy lifestyle choices to try and reduce rates of decay in the future.

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