Dental Costs Are Highest In Glasgow

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The average cost of dental treatment per person is highest in Glasgow, according to recent figures from the Scottish Government. The national Scottish average spend was £46, but the cost in Glasgow was much higher at £57 per person.

Experts have blamed poor oral hygiene, diet and other lifestyle factors for the high costs.

According to information from the Scottish Government, costs for adults were lowest in Orkney, at just £23 per person, while child costs were lowest in the Western Isles at £32 per child.

Arshad Ali, clinical director of the Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry, said that oral hygiene habits tend to be a concern in deprived areas and urged parents to set a good example for their children. Mr Ali said that standards of oral health are associated with lifestyle habits and the frequency and quality of brushing. He went on to say that it is important that people take the time to clean their teeth twice a day and keep an eye on what they eat.

Mr Ali also urged parents to take their children for regular routine check-ups, as it is always best to treat any problems as early as possible. Often, when dental problems are left untreated in children, they require a tooth or multiple teeth extraction which usually has to be done under general anaesthetic in hospital.

The figures showed that the NHS spent a total of £193 million on adult dental care and £66 million on child dental care last year.

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