Dental clinic targets the ‘working poor’

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A dental clinic in Middlesex County is targeting the working poor.

Problems with access to dental care are well documented amongst those with a low income and the homeless; however, dentists have revealed that a large number of families with an average income are struggling to afford dental treatment. Many families earn more than the threshold which entitles them to state financial aid and this means they get no help when it comes to paying dental and medical costs. Many adults do not have a dental insurance plan, which makes treatment even more costly.

The John F Kennedy Medical Center Dental Clinic has noticed that several demographics are struggling to afford routine dental care and are working to improve access to affordable dental services in Middlesex County. The clinic was founded on the principal that free dental care should be provided for everyone, regardless of their financial position.

The centre provides free dental care for around 1,000 patients each year and is a vital lifeline for many people, who would otherwise go without the care they need. Staff at the clinic are keen to mantain a good relationship with their patients and encourage them to come to the clinic on a regular basis; most patients without insurance avoid going to the dentist until they have severe oral health problems, which are causing them a great deal of pain. Taking care of the teeth and attending regular check-ups will help to reduce the risk of existing problems getting worse and will consequently lower the risk of a patient needing expensive, complex treatment further down the line.

The Delta Dental of New Jersey Foundation is also pleased to be working alongside the JFK dental clinic; the foundation has provided two part-time dental hygienists to help patients improve their standards of oral health and educate them about oral hygiene.

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