Dental chain takes on Allcare patients

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The owner of dental chain, Emergency Dental Care USA has offered to treat patients who had paid for treatment with Allcare Dental.

Michael Obeng has agreed to take on Allcare patients and an agreement was reached last week; patient records will be transferred and dentists in Emergency Dental Care USA offices will complete unfinished work, which has already been paid for by Allcare patients.

Emergency Dental Care USA was founded in Nebraska in 1996; it now has eleven dental offices in nine different states. The chain will take over Allcare patients in the areas in which they have offices; dental staff will contact former Allcare patients to arrange treatment for those who have paid for treatment but not yet received it.

Mr Obeng said that the sudden closure of Allcare dental offices had left hundreds of patients in limbo; they did not know whether their treatment would be completed and had no idea what would happen to their records. The deal with Emergency Dental Care USA will help to provide treatment for many patients who were in the middle of a course of treatment; staff at the chain are keen to arrange treatment for those who are in pain because they have not had a complete course of treatment and are trying to contact them as quickly as possible.

Allcare Dental closed suddenly at the beginning of January due to cash-flow problems; their website and telephone lines were also closed down.

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