Dental Botox becoming increasingly popular

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Dental Botox is an increasingly popular treatment, with 16 percent of dentists now offering the service to patients.

Cosmetic dentistry is booming across the country, with thousands of patients visiting their dentists in a bid to improve the way their smile looks; treatments including teeth whitening treatments, veneers and dental implants are amongst the most popular cosmetic services currently available. Dental Botox is often used alongside other treatments; it helps to iron out lines around the mouth and gives a more youthful look to the face.

While some argue that this service is not a proper dental treatment, others are welcoming dental Botox as a perfect complement to other cosmetic dental treatments. In a survey carried out by The Wealthy Dentist, 16 percent of dentists said they offered dental Botox, 27 percent said they wanted to offer dental Botox and 37 percent said they were considering offering the service; only 20 percent said they didn’t want to include dental Botox in their range of cosmetic treatments. 



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May 5th, 2010 at 08:47 PM
Carrie Bretherton Says :

I have been suffering severe headaches on my temples & was refferred to a specialist who has said they are going to inject botox into my temples to numb the muscles! I have never heard of this & wonder if anyone has or knows more about it ??