Dental Access Centre Expands Services In Plymouth

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Members of staff at the Dental Access Centre in Greenbank,Plymouth, are now able to offer a full range of services to clients, after acquiring a new X-ray machine.

The city centre practice can now provide a full service to patients without the need for them to travel to a different clinic for scans and X-rays. Before the new X-ray unit was purchased, patients were referred to Derriford Hospital for dental X-rays.

The centre has acquired an Orthopantomogram X-ray machine, which can produce two-dimensional images of the upper and lower jaw; the X-ray machine will be used to detect problems, such as impacted wisdom teeth, and for accurate placement of dental implants.

Jacqui Wagner, manager of the clinic, said that the new X-ray machine will make a huge difference to patients and dentists as the results of X-rays will be available quicker. Now, the clinic can offer patients a range of services within a single appointment; dentists can provide X-rays and then carry out any required treatment without the need for patients to attend an appointment at Derriford Hospital and then wait for the results.

Ms Wagner added that it was great to be able to offer patients a full service and also revealed that there were plans to offer the service to other practices in the local area in the future.

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