Dentaid volunteers make a difference in the Philippines

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Volunteers from a Wiltshire-based dental charity are making a positive difference in the Philippines. Dentaid, one of the UK’s leading dental charities, runs volunteer projects all over the world and a group of volunteers are nearing the end of a spell in the Philippines. A team has been working tirelessly to provide local communities with dental treatments and check-ups over the course of the last few weeks.

Rob Whitton, from the Landford-based organisation, said that the team has encountered some of the basic conditions imaginable throughout the project, but this hasn’t dampened spirits and every volunteer has given their all for the cause. Rob has been using a green plastic garden chair as a dental chair and the team has only had access to a limited range of tools and utensils. Even simple procedures that are carried out day in, day out in the UK can become much more complex, but it’s easy to put up with conditions when you see the difference the work you do makes, especially to the children. The team has been offering a basic range of treatments and most of the people they have seen are enjoying their first ever trip to the dentist.

Dentaid has been working in the Philippines as part of a partnership with other Wiltshire companies, including Rubicon and Serve On.

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