Dentaid provides free dental care for fishermen in Bridlington

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Dental charity, Dentaid, has joined forces with the Seafarers Hospital Society and the Fishermen’s Mission to provide free dental care for fishermen in Bridlington as part of a scheme known as the Seafit Programme.

The initiative was set up to make it easier for fishermen, who often work long, antisocial hours, to see a dentist. Fishermen are often out at sea for hours at a time, and their work schedule can make it challenging to get to a surgery. The Seafit Programme connects fishermen with dentists, enabling them to get the treatment they need at a time that is viable.

Recently, Dentaid visited Bridlington to provide dental care for seven fishermen. Several of the patients treated at the mobile unit, which was staffed by volunteer dental professionals, had been suffering from chronic dental pain, and it was a relief to be able to see a dentist.

Jane Lelean, a volunteer dentist, extracted a total of 17 teeth and placed four fillings on her trip to Bridlington. The team also provided scale and polish services, routine checks and oral cancer screening. Many of those who were seen at the harbour clinic hadn’t been to the dentist for several years.

Dentaid CEO, Andy Evans, said that the fact that so many teeth were extracted highlights the dental issues that are prevalent within the fishing community. Taking the mobile clinic to the harbour in Bridlington was an effective way to manage pain, but also to reconnect fishermen with dental services.

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