Dentaid launches festive appeal to help refugees

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One of the UK’s leading dental charities, Dentaid, has launched a festive appeal to help refugees. Dentaid has been helping refugees in Uganda for many years and more recently, they have undertaken projects in Greece. This Christmas, representatives are hoping to encourage people to donate towards programmes, which could enable thousands of people living in horrendous conditions to access dental care.

Dentaid has launched an ambitious appeal to ensure that every refugee living in Greece and Uganda can access dental treatment. Refugees across the world are living in terrible conditions with barely any food or clothing and restricted access to water, and the charity is hoping to make dental pain one less worry for those in need. Since war broke out in Syria, thousands of people have been displaced and refugee camps in Northern Greece and some of the Greek Islands are over capacity.

To make the vision a reality, the charity has set a daily fundraising target of £500 to fund 10 dentists working in Uganda and provide care for refugees living in Moria Camp in Lesvos, Greece. Dentaid is also hoping to buy new supplies and equipment.

Jane LeLean, from Dentaid, explained that the work currently undertaken at Moria Camp only tackles the tip of the iceberg, and there simply aren’t enough dentists or resources to go around. Moria Camp was designed to hold around 3,500 people, but there are currently around 7,000 refugees living there.

Anyone who wishes to donate to the appeal is encouraged to visit

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