Denplan Encourages the Nation to Smile in New TV Campaign

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Denplan, one of the UK’s leading dental insurance providers, is encouraging the nation to take pride in their smile with a brand new TV advertising campaign. The ‘Do It For Your Selfie’ campaign is designed to encourage people to take good care of their teeth and gums in order to achieve an attractive and healthy looking smile.

The campaign will run throughout October and has already featured in some high profile slots, including the breaks in the Scotland versus Samoa Rugby World Cup showdown. The advert will be shown on the major terrestrial channels and is expected to reach audiences of millions.

Building on the popularity of selfies and social media, Denplan is hoping to reach out to a wider audience and filter through different demographics in a bid to encourage good dental hygiene habits and connect dental patients with Denplan dentists.

Head of marketing at Denplan, Richard Ward, said that the campaign is a clear move away from traditional dental marketing, which often features clinical settings with an educational message. This advert adopts a sense of humour and encourages people to look after their teeth so that they can shine in their selfies. The advert also encourages interactive communication, as the audience is encouraged to share their selfies with the hashtag #doitforyourselfie.

The company is also hoping to get existing clients on board and encourage firms and businesses all over the country to support the campaign and make an effort to promote good oral health among employees.

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