Deadline Day for Thousands of Dentists to become GDC Compliant

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Today, 28th August 2018, is the deadline for 36,000 dental care professionals to submit their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) statement to the General Dental Council. However ,in the week leading up to this deadline date, the GDC expressed concern that over 2000 dental professionals have not submitted the information they need to in order to stay on the register and therefore be able to practice legally.

Dental professionals who miss the deadline have a short window to provide full evidence of the 150 hours of CPD they have undertaken in the five-year development cycle. If they do not provide this quick enough, these dental professionals will face been struck off the register.

For GDC certification, one of the core criteria is that there each dental professional must show that they have completed 150 hours of continued professional development. Before the deadline, a CPD statement can be submitted showing the necessary amount of hours have been completed, but if the deadline is missed the full evidence of these 150 hours must be submitted, with a requirement that 50 of these hours be verifiable.

The Executive Director for Registration and Corporate Resources for GDC, Gurvinder Soomal, noted that the risk of being removed is very real and suggested that any dental clinic with dental care professionals should check with each team member to ensure they have completed their CPD statement.

The General Dental Council register has two sections, with one for dentists and one for dental care professionals. These are professionals such as dental technicians, dental hygienists, orthodontic therapists, dental nurses, clinical dental technicians and dental therapists.

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