Danish patients travelling to Germany to take advantage of cheaper dental treatment

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A growing number of Danish dental patients are travelling to Germany to take advantage of cheaper dental treatment, it has been revealed.

New research has revealed that authorities in Denmark receive 30,000 requests for subsidiaries for treatment abroad per year and this doesn’t take into account the number of patients travelling abroad without subsidiaries.

Karsten Voss, a dentist who owns a clinic just over the border in Germany said that approximately 70 percent of his patients come from Denmark and many travel for hours to take advantage of lower fees.

It is estimated that Danish patients can save around 30-40% on treatment costs by venturing over the border into Germany and this can represent a significant saving on more expensive treatments that can cost upwards of 10,000 kroner (£1,170). Wages and general living costs are lower in Germany than in Denmark, and this means that Danish people are attracted by the fees. Even when there’s a journey involved, it often pays to travel. There are usually risks associated with having dental treatment abroad, but standards of care in Germany are generally very high and the level of regulation is similar to Denmark and other countries in Scandinavia and Western Europe.

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