Cranbrook Dentist to Join Olympic Team

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A dentist in Cranbrook has been selected to join the dental team responsible for caring for elite athletes at the London Olympic Games.

Julie Comet, a dentist at the Cranbrook Dental Surgery in Stone Street, will join the dental team and provide urgent dental treatment for participants in the handball event.

Julie, a mother of three, said that she has been waiting for the news for a long time after volunteering for the post after hearing that organisers were looking for volunteer dentists for the games a few years ago. After hearing about the opportunity, Julie undertook a specialist course in sports dentistry and she applied for the position last year.

Julie said it is a dream come true, especially as she is interested in sport and said that it is an amazing opportunity to be part of the event and to use her skills to help others.

Dentists and doctors will be on hand at every event to provide first aid and urgent dental and medical attention. Doctors have been on-site for many years but now dentists will also be available. The team of highly trained dentists will treat anyone with a dental injury, from a minor chipped tooth to a severe jaw injury, as soon as they leave the court or pitch.

Mrs Comet added that her patients are also very excited, especially children, who are amazed by the fact that they are being treated by the same person as famous athletes.


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