Coventry woman left with debilitating pain following dental treatment in Turkey

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A woman from Coventry said that she is suffering from debilitating pain after undergoing dental treatment in Turkey.

Melissa Davies, 35, travelled to Turkey to have new veneers fitted after years of struggling with her confidence. She found a clinic online and spent £6,000 on the procedure. Melissa was desperate to feel confident when she smiled, but her experience was totally different to how she imagined it. She was under general anaesthetic for seven hours and when she woke up after the operation, the first thing she heard was her aunt was shouting and asking what they had done to her.

Melissa had five teeth removed and 14 root canals. She was expecting to have a full set of veneers fitted. As she came around, she said her airways were closing and her nose was bleeding. She felt like somebody had punched her in the face for a week after the procedure and discovered a crack in one of her back teeth on her flight home.

Weeks later, Melissa said that she still feels as though she has been “shot” in the mouth and she cannot eat or drink anything cold due to the intense pain and sensitivity.
When she got back to the UK, Melissa booked an appointment with her dentist, who said that it could cost up to £30,000 to fix the problems. She said that numerous dentists have refused to treat her. She has been offered the chance to go back to Turkey by the clinic but would have to cover the cost of flights and accommodation herself.

Melissa’s candid posts have attracted more than 14 million views on TikTok. She wanted to share her story to alert others to the risks of dental tourism and encourage them to think twice about going overseas for treatment. After spending thousands of pounds and dealing with pain for weeks, Melissa said that she actually smiles less now than she did before the procedure and she doesn’t know how she will afford remedial treatment.

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