Could Lasers Spell The End For Root Canal Treatment?

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Researchers in the USA claim that laser technology could be used to treat decay, eradicating the need for root canal treatment.

Researchers from Harvard University have discovered that using laser beams can trigger the formation of new dentin in animal studies. The team found that stem cells in the pulp tissue were activated by the laser beams. The findings have been published in Science Translational Medicine.

In a trial study on animals, researchers found that one dose of laser treatment initiated the growth of new dentin 12 weeks later. The dentin was not an exact match for the substance produced by the body, but researchers believe that adjusting the laser dose could result in a perfect human match. Scientists were not able to recreate the same level of success for enamel.

Dr Praveen Arany said that the research is a long way from making it to the dental chair, but could provide a useful basis for the treatment of decay in the future and eliminate the need for root canal treatment, a procedure, which is dreaded by most dental patients.

Currently, cement is used to trigger the production of new dentin, but Dr Arany believes that laser technology could be a superior option.

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