Costa Rica An Increasingly Popular Destination For Dental Tourists

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Costa Rica has become a very popular destination for dental tourists, according to recent figures.

The main draw of Costa Rica is the low prices; patients from the USA and Canada can expect to pay around a quarter of the price of fees at home for dental implants if they choose to take a short flight to Costa Rica. Patients in the USA receive quotes of thousands of dollars for dental implants, while the cost is just $600-$900 in Costa Rica.

The average cost of veneers is around $300 per tooth in Costa Rica, compared to more than $800 per tooth in the USA, which equates to a massive saving if you are considering having a full set of veneers.

Costa Rica has one of the best healthcare systems in South and Central America and the materials used by dentists usually come from the USA. Most dentists also speak fluent English so there should be no language problems for patients travelling from the USA or Canada.

As well as cheap dental fees,Costa Rica is also a very popular tourist destination because it offers amazing scenery, from sweeping beaches to dense, humid rainforests.

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